Thursday, November 26, 2009

Unleashing the dogs ...

Some events in ones life act as a catalyst for years, even decades of life experience resulting in the crystallization of new thought forms or actions. These can be profound transformative events.

Other times they can be simple annoyances like the fly you can't kill or unexpected noise in a circuit (ever tried banging on the side of the unit?)

Sadly the content of the following email regarding claims of a vast conspiracy regarding anthropogenic global warming based on stolen email from the CRU of the University of East Angliea was not one of them.

"Your Caught, just [redacted] admit it you whiny little [redacted.]"

Goodness, this poor fellow seems to have started his day with Carnation Instant Bitch! Undeterred by the temper of this response I leveled a simple challenge ...

"when you get done sifting through all those emails over on the Russian server

show me some PROOF of the CONSPIRACY ...."

I got the expected response

"Just can't admit your own [redacted] you hard can you? Whine whine whine thats what you best at."

At least the ratio of words redacted to the total is down a bit. My reply was simple

"again your the guy with no facts, no data"

I then sat down and volunteered to provide the Witchfinder General with at least twenty good questions to ask about anthropogenic global warming. The posts to come are those twenty and at least a few more that can be shaken out of the mouth of the poor diseased dog of the denier/delayer argument.

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