Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Climate Derangement Syndrom in Action

After challenging a CDS denier (was it that I used the word Crayola ?) I got an email reply, not nearly as entertaining as the email that Jim Hansen gets but then again maybe the 48 pt. lettering and the extravagant use of profanity by its author is what caught my attention.

To quote :

Give it up [redacted], your caught, your [redacted], your a lier, your a [redacted] [redacted]ing [redacted] ignorant mother [redacted] with a limited life span.

Wow ... now in all fairness to this fellow I didn't correct his spelling errors but I did redact his language in accordance with the terms of this blog host.

All this in response to this announcement from Hadley/MET :

Increase in mean near-surface temperature (°C) from (1989-98) to (1999-2008)

Increase in mean near-surface temperature (°C) from (1989-98) to (1999-2008)

The lower figure is the ECMWF analysis which uses all available observations, including satellite and weather balloon records, synthesised in a physically- and meteorologically-consistent way, and the upper figure represents the same period from our HadCRUT record. The ECMWF analysis shows that in data-sparse regions such as Russia, Africa and Canada, warming over land is more extreme than in regions sampled by HadCRUT. If we take this into account, the last decade shows a global-mean trend of 0.1 °C to 0.2 °C per decade. We therefore infer with high confidence that the HadCRUT record is at the lower end of likely warming.

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